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How to Avoid Rookie Garden Mistakes

One thing I’ve found is growing a garden is tough.  Plants, and especially seedlings, seem so damn temperamental.  I’m constantly researching one issue after another and it is a struggle sometimes.  But, I’ve learned some things along the way.  So, I’m going to post those articles that I find most helpful when working on my […]

How to Build a Solar Dehydrator to Preserve Food for No Money

Food is one of the big three basic necessities for survival (water and shelter are the others).  The idea of being prepared is to have excess of everything, so if the time ever comes when you no longer have access to a basic need like food, you have what you need already.  If you are going […]

Tips and Advice from 5 Homesteaders

This article from Blue Yurt Farms gives a nice roundup of opinions from a few homesteaders on what others like me, those that dream of having a farm/homestead, need to know about. Some of my favorites are:

From the folks at Blackwood Fox Homestead – “Take it slow. There is a great temptation to bite off […]