New preppers need to get information on how to start prepping.  Most everyone today would turn to the internet and trusty Google to get started.  They might even type in “how to start prepping” to get going.  The problem is there is a lot of information published every day regarding preparing for disaster, homesteading, sustainability and survival.

Some of it is really good and some of it is shit.  The shit is written to do nothing more than generate ad views.  But the good stuff is gold.

I spend 40+ hours a week sifting through all this material.  It’s literally like a full time job!  Once a week, I will email you links to substantially useful information, is in-depth and well written and I believe is worth your time reading.  

One of our most precious things is time, so let me take the time to send you the best content so you can spend your time preparing.

To get you started, I have prepared a free How To Start Prepping guide.

Prepping from Scratch

Prepping from Scratch is the guide I wrote to help rookie preppers get started with their own preparedness lifestyle.  Inside, I provide 8 steps to getting started along with links to more in-depth reading.

Prepping from Scratch ebook

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