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Extremely Detailed Guide to Land Navigation

For those of you that are going to be on the move if the shit ever hits the fan, then you need to be able to navigate the land.  And if we assume that you won’t have access to the GPS on your phone, you will need to know how to do it via topographical […]

How to Build a Solar Dehydrator to Preserve Food for No Money

Food is one of the big three basic necessities for survival (water and shelter are the others).  The idea of being prepared is to have excess of everything, so if the time ever comes when you no longer have access to a basic need like food, you have what you need already.  If you are going […]

52 Weeks to Preparedness

I found this awesome resource giving a week by week action plan for the beginning prepper.  The year’s journey eventually leads to a preparedness lifestyle while the author encourages staying in the now and appreciating not just the ends but also the journey of getting them.  Even if you don’t do everything outlined, you can […]

Building a Fire in a Dakota Fire Hole

A little known survival aid related to wilderness fire making skills is the Dakota Fire Hole, also known as the Dakota Fire Pit. This handy device is easy to construct and has marked advantages over other types of camp fire constructs.  It greatly reduces the amount of firewood required to cook meals, treat water to […]