A very popular SHTF scenario that preppers have plans for is an EMP taking the grid down.  And they do so with good reason.  An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse.  There are two ways an EMP could happen – a solar storm or a nuclear explosion.

Both of these scenarios are entirely possible.  Just last week, the Washington Examiner released a news report stating Iran endorses a nuclear EMP attack on the US.  Coincidentally enough, last week we also experienced a level 4 (out of 5 levels) solar storm.

Survive an EMP
It’s no wonder this scenario is the root of many preppers’ plans.  While researching EMPs for myself, I came across an excellent beginner’s guide to everything EMP.  Jennifer (@AreWeCrazyOWhat) over at Self Reliant School has taken the time to go quite in depth with what you need to know to survive an EMP.  

She explores not just how to survive, she also gives a great explanation of what an EMP is and what the likelihood of experiencing one is.  I highly recommend it.

One of the most often pieces of advice given for surviving an EMP is to build a Faraday Cage.  If you want to learn more about Faraday Cages, check out Backyard Brains.  These dudes even provide experiments you can do to build your own.

I always wondered exactly what electronics you would need if the power / cell / internet is down from the EMP.  The only thing I can think of is HAM radios and other communications devices that can be run on solar power.  Otherwise, there really isn’t a point to me of preserving my electronics.

I intend to instead focus on the grid down consequence of an EMP event.  I want to be able to sustaining myself for the long haul with stored food and water along with the skills needed to grow and produce my own food moving forward.