Bug Out Bags for Rookies – Gear Considerations and a Peek at Mine

A bug out bag, for those that don’t know, is your lifeline should you ever be faced with having to leave your home in an instant. It is a bag that contains tools and gear which, assuming you know how to use them, will help you survive in an off grid or wilderness situation. If you consider yourself a prepper, you must have one. The challenge with the bug out bag is knowing what to pack in it and being able to use everything you have in it. Remember, you will be carrying this bag around, so weight [...]

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Extremely Detailed Guide to Land Navigation

For those of you that are going to be on the move if the shit ever hits the fan, then you need to be able to navigate the land.  And if we assume that you won't have access to the GPS on your phone, you will need to know how to do it via topographical maps.  It's an interesting subject and while researching it, I came across this extremely detailed guide to land navigation.  It is a series of articles, one building on the previous article and looks like it is a challenge to go through.  However, if you [...]

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TEOTWAWKI Planning by Time from the SHTF Event

For me, the best way to plan out my doomsday scenario is by length of time from the SHTF event, whatever it is.  I am operating on the assumption that supply chains, communications, power, etc. are not operating.  Anything more catastrophic than that, and I'm talking meteor or volcano or some shit like that, and you can't really plan, just be prepared to meet the challenges that accompany it. With the above assumption, you need to think immediately after, and that really entails what most of us have already experienced from inclement weather.  Food, water, security are my main [...]

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