For those of you that are going to be on the move if the shit ever hits the fan, then you need to be able to navigate the land.  And if we assume that you won’t have access to the GPS on your phone, you will need to know how to do it via topographical maps.  It’s an interesting subject and while researching it, I came across this extremely detailed guide to land navigation.  It is a series of articles, one building on the previous article and looks like it is a challenge to go through.  However, if you stick to it and make it, you should be much better at finding your way around without GPS.

Introduction to Maps Part 1 – this section of the guide explains the basics of reading a topographical map.

Introduction to Maps Part 2 – this section of the guide explains how to read a map using available tools.

Find Your Way Using a True Grid – this section of the guide explains how to a grid coordinate on a map.

Determining Direction and Distance – this section of the guide explains how to determine direction and distance on a map.

Determine Your Pace Count – this last section of the guide explains how to make a system to count your paces while on the move.

If you make it through this guide and try out land navigation, please let us know in the comments.  I could use the inspiration!