For me, the best way to plan out my doomsday scenario is by length of time from the SHTF event, whatever it is.  I am operating on the assumption that supply chains, communications, power, etc. are not operating.  Anything more catastrophic than that, and I’m talking meteor or volcano or some shit like that, and you can’t really plan, just be prepared to meet the challenges that accompany it.

With the above assumption, you need to think immediately after, and that really entails what most of us have already experienced from inclement weather.  Food, water, security are my main concerns.  But if the time goes beyond a few days, or the event covers an extremely large area, you should assume the worst and plan for that.

Things to consider when planning this way:

Timing of Event

This would make a difference depending on where your final TEOTWAWKI destination is.  If it’s in a cold weather environment, and it’s in the middle of winter, unless you have that place prepared, it might make sense to plan to stay put for awhile.

Potential Length of Event

If it looks like you are going to be on your permanently, you need to have a plan for the instant and total change of your lifestyle.  Are you going to stay where you are?  Can you sustain your life and the lives of your loved ones if you stay? Are you relocating to a new location?  How far are you planning to go?

Type of Event

In my opinion, the most likely event that is going to happen is the failure of the economy, in which case some infrastructure or communication maybe possible.  Or, we could face an attack from either enemies or the sun on our technological systems rendering them useless.  Both of these assume that there are not any huge amounts of quick destruction and death.

However, some more destructive and deadly SHTF events could happen, like meteors or volcanoes or some shit.  There are so many different scenarios that could occur, it would be impossible to plan for them all.  But, there are some commonalities that exist that you can be prepared for.  Things that can make you better prepared are security, the ability to isolate yourself, and being prepared to move if shit goes down where you are.

These are the steps and things I think about while I sit at my desk at night, writing out my doomsday plan.  What do you consider important when planning?  Please share in the comments.